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Writing of late…

July 12, 2010

It’s been interview central in May and June. It’s really all I have the capacity to do. My one love is journalism, but unfortunately I find myself locked into a world of administrative duties, fund raising and running operations at Street Roots. What I would give to just write? Does anyone want to take over for me for awhile at Street Roots? I would be more than thrilled to step aside for a time.

In May, I interviewed the Mayor of Portland — Sam Adams with the great Joanne Zuhl. The dash in the previous sentence is for Joanne. She’s the best editor I’ve ever known, and has more or less taught me everything I know about journalism. Saying that, she still can’t beat the dash out of me. The interview was great too. I followed with an opinion piece about SR working w/community partners to count individuals on the street who pass away. Sounds simple, right? Of course not.

In June, I had the pleasure of interviewing Carol Cushman with the League of Women Voters about voter owned elections.

Then it was on to Jefferson Smith and his view from East Portland, where the state rep is raising eyebrows. The interview came less than 24-hours before we went to press, and ended up being a lifesaver for SR. Wowzers. And if you’re looking to tug on some heart strings follow this story. It’s a beaut.

A poem, or two, alright, three. I like the second one the best. And, that’s that. Until next time…

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